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You have been tasked to find unique ways to create more revenue. Your property has a large audience and you need to maximize your opportunities. Integrity 9 will guide you through the process to generate new revenue streams while protecting the integrity of your brand.

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We assist, connect, negotiate and guarantee.

Assisting properties that reach at least one million people annually in developing their sponsorship roster

Connecting properties with the top brands in the world

Our team has negotiated and managed hundreds of deals representing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue

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Integrity 9 Spotlight

Budweiser and MLBPA

Integrity 9 facilitated a first of its kind, long term partnership deal between the Major League Baseball Players Association and Budweiser. Read the Ad Age article here. In addition, we have secured partnerships with blue chip brands like Gatorade and Delta Airlines.

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Develop inventory, establish rate card, and develop your story


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